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This month’s Business Valuation Update published by Business Valuation Resources (BVR) featured my article about implementing a “COVID-19 Marketability Discount”. This is a Discount for Lack of Marketability (DLOM) that arises due to an unusual amount of risk because of COVID-19 and the related economic fallout affecting small and micro businesses.

The methodology used to determine a COVID-19 Marketability Discount can be applied as a separate discount or it can be used as a basis to adjust the historic information based market method multiplier or income method company specific risk premium (SCRP). In many current situations, due to the risk presented by COVID-19, our historic data sources (market method data bases and income method build-up data (BUM method)) do not adequately address the short term risk that is currently being placed on small businesses and their valuations

Micro and very small businesses generally cannot provide forecasts. Therefore the valuation analyst has to use a single period valuation method. As is always the case, the cash flow should be adjusted to reflect the most likely future. But, if the analyst believes an economic recession or 2nd waive of the virus could further impact cash flows there is likely to be more risk to these future cash flows than that reflected in the historic data. Assessing that risk and making an appropriate adjustment is the purpose of this COVID-19 Marketability Discount.

You may download and read the full article here.

BVR summarizes the case study:

Alternative method: In a new article, an analyst reports that he has been using a “COVID-19 marketability discount” on control interests to make the extra risk adjustment.

“In many situations, I favor the methodology of showing a separate COVID-19 marketability discount,” says Greg Caruso (Harvest Business Advisors), “because it clearly shows the valuator’s thought process and the actual discount being applied for the current high level of uncertainty.”

His methodology is based on the weighing of factors such as those used in Mandelbaum and the IRS DLOM Job Aid but with categories modified to fit the current situation.

Caruso first developed this technique to use in a valuation for an SBA loan. The company was temporarily shut down and appeared to be fully recovered on a monthly cash-flow basis for the two months after reopening. Yet, there was still risk of another shutdown and customers would have economic issues if a recession hit, so Caruso’s basic capitalization rate was a buildup for “normal times,” which included a normal company-specific risk that he further discounted by the COVID-19 marketability discount.

Caruso explains his methodology and presents a case study in more detail with a sample analysis in the November 2020 issue of Business Valuation Update.”

You may download and read the full article here.

I am grateful to BVR for their support through the years. They are truly a valuable resource.

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