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Goal setting and planning with follow through is a proven way for professionals and business people to increase their earnings, increase their vacation time and increase their business value.

We have produced a simple guide to goal stetting which includes a quick start section so you can get started now identifying your goals and planning for success. This guide is geared for individual use and small businesses and practices.

Quick start planning and goal setting guide includes places for your Inspirational Goals, Your Aspirational Goals, and your SMART goals so you can quickly put all goals and a plan in place. After all, inspiration and aspirational goals which help pull you forward are just as important to your practice and life as your immediate goals.

In addition the quick start section encourages you to visualize your goals every day. This is a proven way to make your goals real. After all, as Napoleon Hill said almost 100 years ago, “What we believe, we can achieve.” Finally the quick start guide includes a place to record your accountability partner.

The guide then provides detail about each type of goal, why they are important and more details on processes to identify and achieve your goals. Improve your business or practice today growing your business value using our guide to planning and goal setting for professionals.

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