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At 1:00 PM, October 20, 2021, Gregory Caruso is giving a two hour presentation to the Rhode Island Chapter of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA).

The business valuation presentation is based on the methodology explained in Greg’s book, “The Art of Business Valuation, Accurately Valuing a Small Business.” The primary focus will be on using the market method to evaluate small and micro businesses with revenues below $10 million.

Versions of this presentation can be given from 50 minutes to 3 hours. We also can provide CPE for most CPA groups. This and other presentations can be modified to fit many groups with an interest in business valuation, growing and exiting businesses.

Greg regularly gets high rankings (4.7 out of 5) from virtual audiences of up to 500 people.

If you are attending this presentation click here to download the slides.

If you have an interest in having us provide a presentation to your group please send an email.