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Presented by Gregory Caruso.

Thank you for having me. The attached slides are available in conjunction with our SBA 7(a) Loan – SBA Business Valuation Presentation. Note, the SBA often refers to business valuations as SBA business appraisals.

In our SBA Business Valuation / SBA Business Appraisal Presentation we cover the following three topics.

  1. Very high level business valuation theory. Namely why we cannot just average the last three years financials and select a multiplier or other risk adjustment factor and come up with a value.
  2. SBA Business Valuation particulars. What you need to know and do to get a business valuation quickly and easily.
  3. Covid-19 aftereffects (we hope) and how we work with financial “holes” and “bubbles” etc. so you and your client can be prepared.

For a copy of the slides – Click Here.

If you have any problems getting the slides give me a call at 609-664-7955 or email, gcaruso@artofbv.com.

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