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“The Art of Business Valuation, Accurately Valuing a Small Business” By Gregory R. Caruso, Published by Wiley 2021.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Melissa Gragg CVA, MAFF, CDFA to discuss “The Art of Business Valuation: Accurately Valuing A Small Business”.

Her first question was the first question I usually hear from people: “Why did you write this book?”

Thank you Melissa for having me as your guest on ValuationPodcast.com

“The Art of Business Valuation, Accurately Valuing a Small Business” covers many aspects of small business valuation and market sales including working with business brokers, increasing sales value, descriptions of a well-run sales process, due diligence including a checklist and guidance on SBA loans

If you value or use valuations of businesses with revenues under $10 million, you need this book on your desk.  The book published by Wiley is available through your favorite bookseller.

Finally the author, Greg Caruso, JD, CPA, CVA, is always available to assist with exit planning, brokerage, and to prepare or review business valuations with an emphasis on increasing value and likely transaction values and terms.

Greg is available for interviews, podcasts, quotes, presentations and more. Contact Greg at  gcaruso@harvestbusiness.com  or 609-664-7955.

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