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You have made the initial quick adjustments to your business to deal with coronavirus shutdowns and covid-19 shelter in place directives.  But for most businesses the future is unlikely to look like the past.  For most business owners determining and preparing for changes as the ramp-up back from the coronavirus shut down begins is unclear.

  • Perform planning, strategy, and role playing with trusted advisors.  Run “Best”, “Likely” and “25% below the worst you can imagine” scenarios for the next 12-18 months.
  • On a daily basis monitor sales, variable expenses, and cash.
  • Keep your fingers on future sales. Stay in touch continuously with key customers, key suppliers, and politely ask difficult questions.  (Can you pay us?)
  • Make tough decisions early.  Don’t delay.
  • Grow key people. Now is a time where they can shine.
  • Communicate and Lead. Leadership counts in times like these.  Over-communicate.

This will open up possibilities and solutions so as things happen (good and bad) you will have already given thought to many situations and can make decisions from a place of reason, not just emotion.

After all, you need to stay in business and prosper to have business value.

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