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Sample SBA 7(a) Business Valuation / SBA Business Appraisal Report is provided below. Our reports are completely compliant, reasonably priced, easy to order and have a quick delivery time.

Business valuations that are compliant with the SBA SOP (Small Business Administration, Statement of Policy) are quite technical. In SBA business valuations it is generally agreed that the “Fair Market Value” standard of value is to be used. Conclusions or Opinions of Value are to be issued. According to the AICPA, a Conclusion or Opinion is issued when ALL work necessary to fully understand the value in the professional judgment of the valuator has been done.

Every valuation is going to be different. One of the primary responsibilities of the valuator is to select proper cash flows and the best methods for a given business. But, the below SBA Business Valuation is a reasonable sample and fully compliant with AICPA, NACVA, USPAP and SBA SOP standards.

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