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Join Gregory Caruso at The ESOP Association Multistate Regional Conference 2023 in September as he presents “Your ESOP Valuation: More Than Just a Number” with co-presenter Sarah von Helfenstein.  Certainly, the value found is the key of any business valuation, but valuations also contain so much other information that is useful to management and trustees.  Learn from an experienced former small business owner and ESOP valuator what attributes should be compared and analyzed to use your business valuation not just for the number, but as a management tool. In this session, we will dive deep into the intricacies of ESOP valuation, moving beyond the surface-level numbers to uncover the key elements that provide a valuation appraiser and more importantly, management and trustees insight into a company’s value. This is an important topic for all ESOP trustees, plan administrators and employee-owners. It can become a management tool for trustees and management and allow employee stock owners to participate more fully in the success of their company. Internal and third-party Trustees will learn what to look for and how to better assess a value conclusion provided by a valuation appraiser.

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